How to Clean a Skateboard: A Comprehensive Guide

Skateboarding, for many, is more than just a hobby—it’s a way of life. To keep your treasured skateboard in top condition, it’s crucial to maintain it well. That includes the important task of cleaning it. So how do you go about cleaning a skateboard effectively? Read on for a step-by-step guide.

Before we delve into the cleaning process, let’s understand why cleaning your skateboard should be a part of your routine. Your skateboard endures a lot. From constant friction with the ground, exposure to dirt and dust, to unpredictable weather elements. This regular wear and tear can affect its functionality and lifespan. A clean skateboard can significantly impact its performance.

Understanding the Importance of a Clean Skateboard

There are multiple reasons why a clean skateboard is a necessity. Not only does a clean skateboard have aesthetic appeal, but it also directly influences your skateboarding experience. Dirt and debris stuck in your wheels and bearings can slow you down. This can result in compromised performance, but more importantly, it can pose a safety risk. Plus, a well-maintained skateboard will last longer and save you the hassle and cost of frequent replacements.

Furthermore, cleaning your skateboard is not just about removing visible dirt. It’s also about addressing the concealed grime in the nooks and crannies, particularly within the wheels and bearings. These areas can often see dirty spots go unnoticed until there is a noticeable reduction in performance or a troublesome squeaky noise. Regular cleaning will help you identify any potential issues before they escalate into serious problems.

Preparing for the Cleaning Process

Before you grab your cleaning supplies and your electric skateboards and start scrubbing away, it’s essential to know what tools and materials you’ll need. Without the right cleaning supplies, you risk damaging your skateboard or not cleaning it effectively. Plus, having everything at hand before you start scrub hard, can make the cleaning process smoother and faster.

Tools and Materials Required

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment to clean a skateboard. Most of the necessary tools are likely to be readily available in your home. You’ll need a skate tool or a socket wrench, and a screwdriver to dismantle the skateboard. To clean, gather some rags or paper towels, a bucket of soapy water (a mild dish soap would work), a toothbrush for scrubbing, and lubricant for the bearings. A small bowl, or container for soaking the bearings and wheels would also be handy. And of course, a workable space where you can freely dirty and clean without worry.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning a Skateboard

When cleaning a skateboard, it’s advisable to start by dismantling it. This might seem like an unnecessary task or extra work, but it ensures you can clean each part thoroughly. Each component of a skateboard has its own cleaning needs, and dismantling it allows you to address these effectively.

Dismantling the Skateboard

Removing the Skateboard Bearings

Start the dismantling process by focusing on the wheels. The wheels hold the bearings, and it’s these bearings that allow your skateboard to roll smoothly. Use your skate tool or a socket wrench to remove the nuts on the wheels. Once you have the nuts off, carefully slide out the wheels, and you’ll find the bearings inside. Be cautious during this process to avoid misplacing any small parts.

Removing the Skateboard Wheels

After you’ve removed the bearings, you can move on to the wheels. While it may seem like the wheels would be the dirtiest part of the skateboard, they’re surprisingly easy to clean. With the bearings removed, cleaning the wheels can be as simple as a good soak tap water and scrub.

Cleaning the Skateboard Deck

Cleaning the skateboard deck is a bit more complex than it seems. The deck has two distinct parts – the skateboard grip tape and the underside. Each requires a different cleaning approach.

Cleaning the Grip Tape

The grip tape on the deck of your skateboard gives you the traction you need to stay on your board and perform tricks. This surface can quickly become dirty and lose its effectiveness. To clean grip tape, you can use a grip tape cleaner or a soft wire brush. Rub it gently over the dirty grip tape, in a circular motion to lift and remove the dirt and grime from old tape. However, be gentle to avoid wearing out the grip tape.

Cleaning the Under Side of the Deck

The underside of the skateboard deck is typically adorned with graphics and designs. This area can be cleaned using a rag and some soapy water. But remember, when clean your skateboard deck is made of wood. So, you want to avoid using too much water that can soak into the wood and cause warping or damage the graphics. Wipe it down with a damp cloth, and then quickly dry it off to avoid water damage.

Cleaning the Skateboard Bearings

The bearings are crucial for the smooth movement of your skateboard. Therefore, they need special attention. It’s advisable to use a cleaning solution specifically designed for skateboard bearings. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners that might not clean bearings or damage them. You can immerse the bearings in the cleaning solution and let them soak. A pro tip is to shake them in the solution to dislodge any stubborn dirt.

Cleaning the Skateboard Wheels

Cleaning skateboard wheels is an important part of skateboard maintenance. Grime can accumulate in the wheel’s grooves, affecting performance. To clean the wheels, use a toothbrush and some soapy water. This allows you to remove dirt, get into the grooves and remove any dirt. Make sure to scrub all surfaces of the wheel, paying extra attention to areas that come into constant contact with the ground.

Reassembling the Skateboard

Once you have all the components clean and dry, it’s time to put your skateboard back together. Start by placing the bearings back into the wheels. Make sure they’re fully seated into the wheel before putting the wheels back onto the skateboard. Once the wheels are secure, apply some lubricant to the bearings. This will ensure your ride on clean skateboard with new wheels is as smooth as possible.

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Maintaining Your Skateboard Post-Cleaning

Cleaning your skateboard should not be a one-time event. Consistent maintenance will increase the lifespan of your skateboard and enhance your skateboarding experience. Post-cleaning, store your skateboard completely dry and in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing your skateboard to excessive moisture or extremely high temperatures as this can damage the deck and other components.

Additionally, inspect your skateboard regularly for any signs of damage. Timely repairs can save you from costly replacements in the future. It’s also a good idea to invest in some protective gear like skate guards or bags for your skateboard. These can protect your skateboard from unnecessary scratches and dings when it’s not in use.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning a Skateboard

Now that you know how to clean a skateboard, it’s important to understand what NOT to do. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage all the materials of your skateboard. Also, don’t submerge your deck in water—it’s made of wood, and soaking can cause it to warp. And remember, your bearings need to be lubricated after cleaning. Forgetting to do this can cause them to rust or not spin properly, affecting the skateboard’s performance.


A clean skateboard is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also safer and more enjoyable to ride. With this comprehensive skateboard clean guide, you can ensure your skateboard gets the thorough cleaning it needs. Make cleaning and maintenance a regular part of your skateboarding routine, and your skateboard will thank you by providing smoother rides and lasting longer. Remember, a well-cared-for skateboard equals a happier skateboarder.

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  1. How often should I clean my skateboard? Depending on how frequently you skate and where you skate, a thorough cleaning every month should be sufficient.
  2. Can I use WD-40 on my skateboard bearings? It’s not advisable to use WD-40 as it can attract more dirt and grime over time. Instead, use a lubricant specifically designed for skateboard bearings.
  3. Do I need to disassemble my skateboard to clean it? Disassembling your skateboard allows for a more thorough cleaning, especially of the wheels and bearings.
  4. Can I use bleach to clean my skateboard wheels? Bleach can be harsh and damaging to your wheels. Stick to a mild soap and water solution for safe cleaning.
  5. Can water damage a skateboard? Yes, especially the wooden deck. Water can cause the wood to warp and damage the graphics.
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