How to Hardflip on a Skateboard

Introduction to Hardflips

A hardflip is an impressive and advanced skateboarding trick that combines elements of the frontside flip, kickflip and frontside pop shove-it. This manoeuvre requires skill, precision, and practice. If you’re eager to learn how to do a hard flip on a skateboard, you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding Skateboard Basics

Before attempting a hard flip, ensure you have a solid grasp of skateboarding fundamentals. Being comfortable riding, turning, and stopping on your skateboard. Additionally, it’s essential to learn some skaters’ basic tricks, such as ollies, kickflips, and frontside pop shove-its, before attempting a hard flip.

Preparing for the Hardflip

Proper safety gear, including a helmet and pads, is crucial when learning any new skateboarding trick. Find a flat, open area with plenty of space to practice your hard and flip tricks on. A smooth surface, like a parking lot or skatepark, is ideal.

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how to hardflip - landing

Mastering the Key Techniques

The Foot Placement

The starting position of your feet is crucial for executing a successful hardflip. Your front foot should be just behind the front bolts, angled diagonally across the middle of the board. Place your back foot on the skateboard’s tail, with the toes hanging off the edge.

The Frontside Pop Shove-it

The frontside pop shove-it is a key component of the hardflip. To perform this trick, apply pressure to the skateboard’s tail with your back foot while simultaneously scooping the board in a frontside direction. This motion will cause the board to rotate 180 degrees horizontally.

The Kickflip

The kickflip is another essential element of the hardflip. To execute a kickflip, pop the skateboard’s tail with your back foot and slide sideways with your front foot up and off the board’s edge. This movement will cause the skateboard to spin 360 degrees vertically.

Combining the Movements

The hardflip combines the frontside pop, frontside shove-it and kickflip movements. Begin by practising these two tricks separately, and then gradually work on integrating them.

Executing the Hardflip

The Pop

Initiate the hardflip by popping the skateboard’s tail forward with your back foot. Apply pressure to the tail while scooping it in a frontside direction to start the frontside pop shove-it motion.

The Flick and Scoop

As you pop the board and tail, slide your front foot up and off the board’s edge to perform the kickflip motion. Combine this flick with the scoop from your back foot, causing the board to spin horizontally and vertically.

The Catch and Landing

Keep your foot position and your eyes on the skateboard as it spins beneath you. As it completes the hardflip rotation, use your feet to catch the board mid-air. Ensure both feet are positioned over the bolts, and bend your knees to absorb the impact as you land. Ride away smoothly to complete the trick.

how to hardflip - preparing

Tips for Perfecting Your Hardflip

Practicing Consistently

Like any skateboarding trick, mastering the hardflip takes time and dedication. Keep working on the individual components of the trick until you feel confident enough to combine them. Practice regularly, and be patient with your progress.

Analyzing Your Mistakes

Pay attention to your mistakes and learn from them. If you’re having trouble with a particular aspect of the hardflip, focus on improving that part of the trick before moving on.

Filming Yourself

Recording video of your attempts can be a helpful way to analyze your technique and identify areas for improvement. Watch your footage closely, and compare it to videos of skilled skateboarders performing hardflips to spot any differences.

Seeking Advice from Skilled Skateboarders

Ask experienced skateboarders for tips or feedback on your hardflip technique. They may offer valuable insights and suggestions that can help you progress faster.

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Learning to do a hardflip on a skateboard is challenging yet rewarding. With dedication, practice, and the proper techniques, you can master this advanced skateboard trick and impress your friends at the skatepark. Keep refining your skills, and never stop pushing yourself to learn new tricks and improve your skateboarding abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to learn a hardflip?

A: The time it takes to learn and land a hardflip varies depending on your skill level, experience, and practice frequency. With consistent practice, some skateboarders may learn the trick within a few weeks, while others might take months or even longer.

Q: Can beginners learn hardflips?

A: It’s recommended that beginners first master basic skateboarding skills and tricks, such as ollies, kickflips, and frontside pop shove-its, before attempting hardflips. This will help build the foundation for learning more advanced tricks like the hardflip.

Q: What other tricks should I learn before attempting a hardflip?

A: Before trying a hardflip, you should be comfortable with ollies, kickflips, and frontside pop shove-its. These foundational tricks will help you develop the skills needed for more complex manoeuvres like the hardflip.

Q: Are hardflips dangerous?

A: Like any skateboarding trick, hardflips can only be dangerous with proper technique and safety precautions. Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet and pads, and practice board flips in a safe environment.

Q: How can I improve my hardflip consistency?

A: Consistent practice, analyzing your technique, and seeking advice from experienced skateboarders can all help improve your hardflip consistency. Break down the trick into individual components, and focus on perfecting each part before combining them.

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